Ram Temple, Ayodhya: Technology’s Role in Surya Tilak

Ram Temple, Ayodhya: Innovative Brilliance with Technology For Surya Tilak

Ram Temple

Ram Navami 2024 marked a significant milestone in the history of Ayodhya’s Ram Temple as it witnessed the performance of the historic Surya Tilak ritual for the first time since the installation of the Ram Lalla idol in January. This ritual, symbolizing the blessings of the Sun God, involved the precise convergence of sunlight onto the idol’s forehead at noon, and it lasted approximately five minutes.

Ram Temple

At the heart of this groundbreaking event was an innovative optomechanical system developed by scientists from the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI) in Roorkee. This system was specifically designed to converge and focus sun rays onto the idol’s forehead, creating the effect of the Surya Tilak.

The system incorporated an infrared filter made from a heat-absorbing material placed at the aperture, the opening on the first floor through which sunlight enters the sanctum sanctorum. This filter absorbed heat, preventing it from transferring to the idol.

The convergence of sunlight onto the idol’s forehead was achieved through a combination of four lenses and mirrors placed at precise angles inside brass pipes. These components ensured that the sun rays were focused into a single beam without scattering, enhancing the ritual’s authenticity and effectiveness.

It’s worth noting that the entire system operated without the use of batteries or electronic devices, making it a sustainable and long-lasting solution. The manual operation allowed for adjustments to be made easily, ensuring that the system could be utilized for years to come.

The successful execution of the Surya Tilak ritual at the Ram Temple with the help of advanced technology not only added a new dimension to the festivities but also showcased the seamless integration of tradition and innovation. It demonstrated the potential of technology to preserve and enhance cultural practices while respecting their sacred significance.

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