Indian Nationals to be Released from Russian Military Service After Modi-Putin Talks

PM Modi Secures Release of Indian Nationals from Russian Military

Indian Nationals

In a significant development, Russia has agreed to discharge all Indian nationals recruited by its army. This decision followed discussions between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Vladimir Putin during Modi’s visit to Moscow, as reported by news agency ANI citing unnamed sources.

Issue Raised Over Private Dinner

During a private dinner hosted by Vladimir Putin on Monday night, PM Narendra Modi raised the issue of Indian nationals recruited into the Russian military. Reports indicate that at least two Indian citizens have lost their lives while fighting in Russia’s conflict against Ukraine, with many others alleging they were deceived into joining the combat. In response, Russia consented to discharge all Indians serving in their military and assist with their return.

Indian Nationals

Fixing Trade Imbalance and Indian Nationals’ Discharge

According to Reuters, a top Indian official mentioned last week that addressing India’s trade imbalance with Russia and securing the discharge of Indian citizens “misled” into fighting in the Ukraine war were among Modi’s top priorities in Moscow. This sentiment was echoed by news agency PTI, which quoted sources emphasizing India’s strong stance on the issue. “We want the expeditious discharge of Indians fighting in the Ukrainian conflict from the Russian military,” a source stated.

Recruitment and Communication Challenges

While reports have suggested that up to 200 Indian nationals were recruited by the Russian military to serve in support roles, such as cooks and helpers, sources believe the number could be about 100. Establishing contact with these individuals has been challenging for Indian authorities due to the frequent movement of military units and the lack of proper communications.

Warnings and Deception by Recruiting Agents

The external affairs ministry had earlier urged Indian citizens to “exercise caution while seeking employment opportunities in Russia.” Many Indian nationals were duped by recruiting agents based in Indian cities and Dubai into taking up jobs with the Russian military. Besides the four deaths, several Indians have been injured. Some have posted videos on social media seeking help to get out of these jobs.


This development marks a crucial step in ensuring the safety of Indian nationals caught in the crossfire of international conflicts. The collaborative efforts of both governments aim to bring these individuals back home safely, highlighting the importance of diplomatic negotiations in resolving such critical issues.

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