Jersey, as most of us, knows that this movie of a Telugu film with the same name. The movie is also the Hindi directorial debut of Gautam Tinnauri. The movie is a sports film. Like every other sports film, the movie has all the oomph elements. Cricket fans can relate to the moments. It has high sixes, wickets, thrilling victories, and defeats too. All in all, from the side of sports, the movie is a thumbs up.


Coming to the characters, the movie revolves around Arjun Talwar. The character is portrayed aptly by Shahid Kapoor. The story is of a talented but failed cricketer. The cricketer gets back on the field for his son. To fulfill his vision. So, overall, it is a father-son bond that the movie aims to depict.

From the point of view of the storyline, the movie does justice to depict the father-son emotional bond. Like every other movie, the story symbolizes the father as a hero for his son. It also throws light on the growing relationship between a couple. It shows how a relationship matures from lovers to marriage to parents. Mrunal Thakur plays the role of Arjun’s wife. How their journey is a roller coaster ride where feelings and intimacy swap their parts.

Jersey Dialogues Shahid Kapoor plays an ex-cricketer struggling to fulfill his child's wish of getting a Jersey

Then, the movie also has a plot of Coach that makes Arjun realizes his dreams. The character is played by none other than the real dad of Shahid Kapoor, Pankaj Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor stole the show with his remarkable acting.


The only loophole that existed in the movie was the coercive stretch of Rs. 500 issue. The movie could have had a 15-20 mins of better scenes if that issue was not intentionally elongated.

Apart from this, the story definitely is a thumbs up. Shahid like his previous records did not let the viewers down even this time.

It is a “go ahead” for a watch!

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