Talk of the Town : The Local

The local is a popular concept in it’s 4th edition now. This is the talk of the town as it’s the first flea market concept. People wait for this event all year round. This time local is much more grand and large in scale.

Now that it has reached it’s 4th edition the audience and the setup has all become grand. There is live band and live music as well.There is something for every genre. For the youngsters, to the kids, to the ladies everybody.

There are famous food joints like Gooseburps, Shamrock, Cafe Loverians and some new food stalls like Minions, Sugar Blush by Niharika, Elements by Jenny as well.

As this is the festive season, we can see the festive feel in each stall. There are bags and footwear by twinkle lunkad, then chocolates by chromatic patisserie, clothing line by Amrukta, Piu, Ekta Jaiswal and many more, for the decor purpose there was Tamraktu, Chaarpai and many others.

There was something for everyone. There were social groups too like SOWO & Muskan who presented how they are doing things for a cause and contributing to the society. Unlike other social groups Muskan is working for the betterment of mother cow and are also involved in various other social causes as well. It”s a group of some dynamic, enthusiastic and creative ladies doing namely Monu Agrawal, Rachna Agrawal, Sweta Bagrecha, Soumya Sethi, Prerna Gautam, Ankita Farmaniya, Payal Agrawal.

They have put up a stall on non-profitable grounds.

With so much to look forward to local is a must visit. If you haven’t paid a visit yesterday today is the last chance. So go and have a whale of a time.

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