Aarambh – A new key to Value Based Education

Raipur has become a place where, various educational institutes are mushrooming day by day. In such scenario Aarambh School has come up with a new concept called, Value based education. Their motto is to inculcate values among the students, which are lacking nowadays.

The school is founded by two childhood friends, Vikram Thakur and Palash Khandelwal. The idea to open a school was of Vikram but, without a good partner a dream cannot be well executed. He discussed the same to his childhood friend who is actually his school senior, Palash, who shared a similar thought. After completing MBA from Mumbai, they came back to Raipur and started the venture by opening a pre-primary school in the capital at, Dal Dal Seoni Road, opposite kool homes,Mowa in 15th April, 2015. The journey continued and resulted in opening a new branch at Vidhan Sabha Road,Nardaha Village where, classes up to eighth standard are taking place.

When we talk about values, it is subjective, for few it can be associated with spirituality, for few it is moral lessons or for few it can be just age old tradition. In today’s world, where everyone is busy in rat-race the values are being left behind, the generation is going blindly behind the masses forgetting about being emphatic towards the society and the respect for other living beings has degraded. The founders of the school are trying to inculcate the values among the gems of their school and making them ready for life as humble and polite personalities.

“Education is meant to maximize one’s potential and help one integrate with one’s true self, surroundings, society, country and humanity”

The school is trying to reach beyond the basic moral values that are limited to books and notebooks, it tries to introduce the values in practical life through various activities like: farming, Pottery, interacting with orphans, under privileged students etc. . The school is working with a philosophy that includes Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. Generally, human being are concerned more about Mind and Body so that they can face the competitive world. As far as Soul and Heart is concerned, less people are there who care. So for the same, the Aarambh family tries to instill the values to the students through the subjects like Environmental Science, English, Hindi etc. in their day to day routine.

The concept of integrated education is based on the principles of Sri Aurobindo that focuses on Integral Education that regards the children as growing souls and helps them to bring out all that is best, most powerful, most innate and living in their nature. It helps the children in developing all facets of his personality and awakens their latent possibilities which they acquire.

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