Marriage : In India, girls can get married only after they turn 21. 

Do you think that increasing marriage age will lower maternal mortality and improve the nutrition levels of the country??

Do you think that increasing marriage age will lower maternal mortality and improve the nutrition levels of the country??

Girls of India can soon need to be 21 to get married in India! Is this happy news for you or do you find it against women empowerment??

In India, girls can get married after they turn 21. 

Some people find it the best move as it will lower maternal mortality and improve nutrition levels. On other hand, some people think it’s a wrong move as the problem will not be solved from the root. 

Marriage: We think age doesn’t define when women are ready to get married.


So whether they marry or not it’s completely their choice. There are so many problems with child marriage but on another side, some girls are happy being married earlier.

So it’s important to solve root related problems like education quality, social norms being the reason for early marriage and quality of food. These problems cause lower maternal mortality and lower nutrition levels.

Women empowerment!


It doesn’t come with age, it comes with education, experience and knowledge. So marrying or not doesn’t affect women empowerment.

Global and Indian evidence—argues that this is not feasible. Such a move will not affect maternal mortality. There are more practical methods of empowering women that respect reproductive rights. 

Our Thoughts:

  • We think if a woman wants to continue to study or want to grow they have the right to say no to marriage. So age doesn’t define women empowerment.
  • We think age doesn’t define maternal mortality or the nutrition level of a woman so increasing age will not help with the same.
  • We think that increasing age will not remove the problems from roots. It will only be a cover for people’s eyes that they are developing.
  • Recently the number of child marriages is reduced due to people getting educated and aware about their rights helping them to decide.
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Age is just a number, everything is in our mind if it’s sharp everything is possible. So focus on improving education quality, food quality and people’s mindset. 

Maternal Mortality and Nutrition level is important to reduce but there are different ways for the same to do. So the government should focus on that!!

These are our thoughts: what do you people think age matters or quality???

What do you think?

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