India’s 1st Snow Marathon – etched in the History! 

It was held at Sissu near the north portal of the Atal Tunnel, Rohtang in Lahaul-Spiti which also marked the end of the month-long snow festival in the tribal district.

India’s 1st Snow Marathon, organized at Lahaul on 26th March

2022 – has been etched in History!



The Snow Marathon was held at Sissu near the north portal of the Atal Tunnel, Rohtang in Lahaul-Spiti. It also marked the end of the month-long snow festival in the tribal district.

The marathon was organized by the Reach India and Gold Drop Adventure under the aegis of district administration. It was in the leadership of Winter Sports Federation of India president Col Jodh Dhillon.

A snow sculpture exhibition was also put up at the North Portal of Atal Tunnel in collaboration with Koksar Panchayat. The snow craft, archery completion, antiquities of the valley, and local food stalls were the main attractions at the event.

Apart from this, a food festival was also organized in Gondla valley where traditional dishes of Lahul valley were served.

Hosted in the Trans-Himalayan Kingdom of Lahaul, the Snow Marathon gives any runner – professional, amateur, or beginner – the chance to come face to face with challenges presented by nature’s winter bounty in the pristine snow-bound Trans-Himalayan region.

The marathon was open to all – Men, Women, and Juniors.

The youngest contestant was two-year-old Sabirat, who ran alongside her parents, Gurpreet (mother) and Harmandir Jyot.


Snow Marathon Lahaul was organized to bring awareness and action towards perhaps what is the biggest challenge being faced by the Himalayas, that of Waste Management.

“With Snow Marathon Lahaul, we aim to sensitize the masses – locals and travellers – on the perils posed by mindless waste generation in the Himalayas and the current state of negligible solution on the ground to tackle the problem.

All profits from the event will go towards the ongoing and future projects of Waste Management in the region being carried out by various grass root organizations actively working in the field, one such project being SHIWA initiated by Prem Varsha Trust.

With Snow Marathon Lahaul, we also plan to set an example of zero carbon footprint travel and organising events of this nature.” – As stated in the website –



For the 1st Edition of Snow Marathon Lahaul, the route had been carefully chosen in the environs of Lahaul and Spiti, Himachal Pradesh.

Snow Marathon Lahaul was run in a fascinating loop of 10 km.

The course began from Helipad and down to the semi-frozen Chandra River, and then back up the Manali-Leh Highway and then higher up to the whitewashed hill link roads across the monasteries and open snowed over fields and meadow.



The marathon was organized in five categories. While the full marathon was incredible for professional runners, the half marathon was equally worth attempting. And for those who may be uncertain about their skills, and yet want to feel the thrills and challenges of the unequaled running conditions, there are other formats of 10 K, 5K, and 1 K to choose from.


Team members: Source and entire credit – website

Rajiv Kumar


Rajiv is Growth Catalyst, Startup Enthusiast, and a Multi-tasker, with a strong eye for details, with over two decades of experience in Business, Strategic Alliances, Startups, Content, Branding, and Technology Transfer.

With Snow Marathon Lahaul, Rajiv’s vision is to create a Global Running Event in India and offer top of a line experience, which touches people from all walks of life, using successful global business strategies with local flavor. Rajiv is driven by his passion and vision to create a Global Platform for different events in the space of Adventure, Technology, Food, and Leisure to touch one and all.


Gaurav Schimar

(Event Founder)

The Founder of Snow Marathon Lahaul, is an Adventure Travel Journalist, Photographer, Travel and Expeditions Organiser, and a Himalayan Specialist – Gaurav Schimar – is well known as the Founder of Indian Sub-continent’s 1st Adventure Travel Magazine – Explore the Unexplored.

With Snow Marathon Lahaul, and other such events to follow, he is aiming to set up an example of following and leading Ecologically Sensitive Adventure and Nature-Based Travel. As an Explorer of sorts – he strongly believes and advocates – that Life-Giving Mother Earth is at an immediate and perilous threat from Human Beings and the time to act is now, before it is too late.


Nakul Butta

(Event Consultant and Training Partner)

Nakul Butta is the founder and Head Coach at All In Running. He is an accomplished Indian amateur long distance road and trail runner and a certified marathon running coach.

He has multiple years of corporate experience and has worked at several locations around the world. Nakul is also passionate about the environment, nature and the outdoors. He pursues this passion by spending hours running on trails, some of which is in the Himalayas. He now wants to share this passion and love for the outdoors with members of the running community.


Rajesh Chand

(Event Execution Head)

Rajesh, the founder of Golddrop Adventures, has been promoting adventure and cultural tourism in Lahaul valley and Himalayas, and Trans-Himalayas for over 15 years now.

While his hospitality operations are vital, with a strong presence on the Manali-Leh highway, the team’s rescue operations have been a lifesaver to innumerable travelers.

He’s also been promoting Himachali way of life, be it the art forms or folk music or cuisine.

In Snow Marathon Lahaul, Rajesh brings his immense expertise of the outdoor sports and adventure world to the front.


Lt Col Bhuwan Khare

(Event Advisor)

Lt Col Bhuwan Khare who is the Event Advisor for Snow Marathon Lahaul, serves in the Indian Army, is a Specialised ‘Skiitrooper’ and a High Altitude Warfare Commando. He has represented India in number of International events and also has coached Indian Olympic teams, represented in Worlds, Olympic Qualifier and has been a National Judge for a decade. Mr. Khare is Qualified in High Altitude and Sea Survival Techniques and is a Life Saver under RLSSI (Rashtriya Life Saving Society India). He has been organising secretary of a number of National and Open events. Designation.


Col J.S. Dhillon SM**, CoAS

(Principal Advisor)

Snow Marathon Lahaul is being organised under the guidance of highly-able aegis of a Highly Decorated Veteran Soldier – Col J.S. Dhillon – who is working with the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India and is the President, Winter Games Federation of India (WGFI).


Colonel Arun Natrajan

(Chief Event Advisor)

Col Arun Natrajan is a serving Army Aviator and an adventure enthusiast who has over 6000 hours of operational flying experience in all variants of the aircraft held with Indian Army including the Rudra attack helicopters.

His experience in the world of outdoor sports and particularly running in varied topography and conditions is vital as the Chief Event Advisor for Snow Marathon Lahaul and he is himself an avid marathoner, having participated in over 20 Half and Full Marathons over the years.


Yusuf Uz Zaman

(PR and Media Head)

Yusuf is a stellar Communications Strategist based in India. Owing to his rich experience of over 23 years with various reputed PR Agencies.

Yusuf has developed brand communication strategies for various organisations. He also creates, develops and curates various Large Format Target Audience Engagement Programs in the field of Art and Culture, Sports and Social Responsibility arena.


Manoj Mirupa

(Execution Member)

Manoj who hails from Sissu, Lahaul, is a Bachelors of Art from Himachal Pradesh University. He is an avid sports person and a very knowledgeable and experienced guide in Lahaul Valley.


Sandeep saxena

[Founder , Anthem Global ventures,Delhi (Event Partner)]

He has over 20 years of business experience. He is a well-known personality in the field of project management and consulting.  Focused and dynamistic leadership qualities back his vast experience.



Kieren D’souza

(Brand Ambassador)

Kieren is an Ultra Trail runner. He has been running as a full time athlete since 2015, and has represented India at the Trail World Championships in 2017, 2018 and 2019. In 2020, with the pandemic bringing the world to a halt and all racing called off, Kieren has been able to merge the sport of running and mountaineering to make some never before done speed attempts in the Indian Himalayas.


Prakriti Varshney


Prakriti is a 26-year old avid solo traveller and a vegan mountaineer from Delhi living in Manali.

She has successfully done more than 80 treks and climbs in the Himalayas and more than 15 climbs of peaks over 6000m. She became the second Indian woman to climb Mt. Ama Dablam in 2021. An avid runner, with Snow Marathon Lahaul she aims to inspire women to come out of their comfort zone and step into a real playground to bring about a change.


Vishal Gudulkar


Vishal who hails from Kolhapur, Maharashtra has been running since last six years as an Ultra Runner. He has participated in the Garhwal Runs and 12 Hour Night Stadium Run, besides having run in more than 25 races and is also the Ambassador and Pacer for several running events.

With Snow Marathon Lahaul, Vishal plans to encourage fellow runners to join in this first of its kind run in India.


Here are some other tips to ace marathons, according to Rajat Khurana, managing director, ASICS India.

Mornings are the best time for a quick run. Listen to your body and give yourself ample time to warm up and get comfortable.

Eat no later than an hour before the start. You can’t run without fuel but eating too close to starting time will only cause cramps.

Have a hydration plan for long-distance races. Once you are used to running shorter distances, it is time to gear up for distances of 10 km or more. It is important to stay hydrated as you run. Decide if you prefer to run with a bottle or take drinks at intervals at the water stations ahead of time and incorporate that method into your training so that you’re ready for race day.

Decide your running strategy. If you’re a beginner, try pacing yourself at the start — passing those over-enthusiastic people in the second half will make you feel much better!

Relax. Try to do a mental check-over every now and then during the race. Try to relax your hands and shoulders and your breathing.


Information and Image source and courtesy other than website : Indian express and Internet

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