Jharkhand High Court E-Seva

E-Seva Kendra Cum Help Desks’; Installed in
Jharkhand High Court

In an effort to provide assistance and education to litigants regarding the
intricacies of e-filing, two dedicated help desks have been established
within the premises of the Jharkhand High Court. Positioned at the
entrances of the Advocates Block I and II buildings, these ‘E Seva Kendra
cum Help Desks’ have been introduced to facilitate the navigation of
electronic filing processes.

Upon entering the court complex, litigants will readily spot these help
desks, staffed by personnel from the high court, ready to guide and support
visitors. The inauguration of these help desks took place after court hours
in the presence of Chief Justice Sanjaya Kumar Mishra and the sitting
judges of the Jharkhand High Court. Furnished with two computers
complete with printers and internet connections, these facilities are
dedicated to addressing queries and aiding individuals with e-filing

Jharkhand High Court’s Registrar General, Muhammad Shakir, elaborated
on the functionality of these help desks. In addition to offering information
about case statuses and forthcoming hearing dates, these stations will also
disseminate relevant details to both litigants and legal practitioners. Further
enhancing their utility, the help desks will also accept online requests for
certified copies of judgments and orders from the high court. The scope of
the help desks extends to attending to inquiries from court visitors,
including streamlining the resolution of traffic-related offenses and assisting
with the compounding of minor transgressions.

Moreover, these help desks will play a pivotal role in streamlining the
process of securing appointments for meetings with incarcerated relatives
by generating ‘e-Mulakat’ applications. By providing advance notice of
meeting dates and times, the burden on prison authorities will be alleviated,
while visitors will experience greater ease and peace during their
interactions with incarcerated family members.

Echoing the sentiments of legal professionals within the high court, an
advocate emphasized the multiple advantages of the e-seva Kendra.
Lawyers will be equipped to promptly access case-related information,
which can be communicated instantaneously to their respective clients.
This facility not only bolsters the efficiency of advocates but also empowers
them to provide swift and accurate updates to their clients.

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