Delhi’s 76-Year-Old Auto-Ambulance Innovator

Introducing the 76-Year-Old Behind Delhi’s Singular
Auto-Ambulance Venture

Delhi, renowned as “Dilwalon Ki Delhi,” signifying a city for the spirited,
resonates not only with heart but also with tenacity. Amidst its dynamic
populace emerges an unassuming figure, a 76-year-old individual,
embodying the essence of “Daring Delhi.”

Harjinder Singh, though the name might seem commonplace, represents
an inspiring force. In an era when many of his age are embracing
retirement or grappling with the challenges of health, this resilient elder is
charting an extraordinary course, not just for himself, but for his city as well.

At the heart of his story lies Delhi’s sole auto-ambulance, operated by none
other than Harjinder Singh. Etched on the rear of his vehicle are the words,
“Free Ambulance For The Injured In Road Accident.” These words
encapsulate the essence of his mission. A former traffic warden, Mr. Singh,
now in the twilight of his years, has transitioned into a life-saving role,
championing the cause of those injured and in distress.

How does he achieve this feat? He rushes to the aid of anyone wounded in
a road accident on Delhi’s bustling streets, promptly transporting them to
the nearest medical facility. His commitment is underscored by his
statement, “I cannot be omnipresent. But till my last breath, I will keep
helping accident victims and provide medication to them free of cost.”

While navigating Delhi’s streets in his humble auto, Mr. Singh has played
an instrumental role in saving countless lives. On a typical day, this
septuagenarian emerges as a savior, rescuing at least one individual. His
journey stands as a poignant testament to the resilience of the human spirit
and warrants being retold, again and again.

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