Budget session dedicated to women

Breaking Barriers: India’s First Women-Focused Small Savings Scheme Takes Center Stage in Historic Budget Session

Woman Empowerment in 2023

Women empowerment has always been a crucial aspect of development in any society, and India is no exception. In a historic move, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on February 1 announced a one-time small savings scheme for women, called Mahila Samman Saving Certificate. This scheme, which will be available till March 2025, has a tenure of two years and offers a fixed interest rate of 7.5 per cent.

In a first for the country, the Finance Minister presented the budget to a woman President, President Draupadi Murmu, at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Moreover, the budget session of parliament itself created history as the first two consecutive days of the session were dedicated to women. President Murmu addressed the joint sitting of both houses of parliament on the opening day of the budget session, followed by the presentation of the budget 2023 by Finance Minister Sitharaman on the next day.

This move towards empowering women in India through the Mahila Samman Saving Certificate is a step in the right direction. The scheme provides an opportunity for women to secure their financial future and take control of their financial decisions. The recognition of women’s role in society by the government sends a positive message to the women of India, who now have a new avenue to invest their hard-earned money.

In conclusion, the Mahila Samman Saving Certificate is a historic initiative that represents the government’s commitment to empowering women and promoting their financial stability. Let’s support this initiative and work towards a more equitable society where women have equal opportunities to succeed and thrive.

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