Hathras Tragedy: Compassion in Crisis As Railway Efforts Ease Return for  Devotees

Humanity Prevails: Railway Aid for Hathras Devotees Amid Tragedy


In a tragic incident at a religious congregation in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, 121 individuals lost their lives due to a stampede. The majority of the deceased were women and children, highlighting the severity of the situation.


Immediate Railway Response: Special Stops and Arrangements

In response to the tragedy, Indian Railways swiftly took action to assist around 3,000 attendees seeking to return home. Special stops were arranged at Hathras and other key stations to facilitate safe travel. Notably, trains such as the Mathura-Tanakpur Fair Special and Agra Fort-Kasganj Passenger Special were among those given additional stoppages.

Safety Measures Implemented

To ensure the safety of passengers and manage the crowd effectively, a speed restriction of 15 kmph was imposed on trains passing through the Sikandar Rau station. Senior officials, including the Divisional Commercial Manager and Security Commissioner, were deployed to oversee operations and ensure smooth facilitation.

Medical Assistance and Support: Emergency Medical Care

Recognizing the urgent need for medical assistance, a dedicated medical team led by Dr. Saurabh Dandiyal was stationed at the site. They provided first-aid and medical interventions to passengers in need. Water and food packets were also distributed to those awaiting transportation, ensuring their immediate comfort.

Preparedness for Further Assistance

In anticipation of additional transport requirements, three empty coaches were stationed at Kasganj station, ready to be deployed as special trains towards Sikandar Rau if necessary. This proactive measure aimed to mitigate further inconvenience for travellers affected by the incident.


The stampede at the Hathras religious congregation stands as a tragic reminder of the challenges posed by large gatherings, exacerbated by adverse weather conditions. While the immediate response by Indian Railways helped alleviate some hardships, the incident underscores the ongoing need for robust safety protocols and emergency preparedness during such events.

This comprehensive approach not only addresses the immediate aftermath but also emphasizes the importance of coordinated efforts in ensuring public safety and welfare during large-scale gatherings across the country.

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