GST Exemptions: Railway Services Get A Boost For Travel Comfort 

GST Relief: Indian Railways’ Services Exempted to Enhance Travel Convenience

GST Exemptions
GST Exemptions

In a significant move to ease the travel experience for millions of passengers, the 53rd GST Council meeting, chaired by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, announced GST exemptions on several services provided by Indian Railways, on June 22.

GST Exemptions

Addressing the media after the meeting, Sitharaman highlighted that the sale of railway platform tickets, the facility of retiring rooms, and battery-operated car services are now exempt from GST. This exemption is expected to bring substantial relief to the common people who rely on these services during their travels.

Key Announcements from the 53rd GST Council Meeting

GST Exemptions for Railway Services: The GST Council has decided to exempt the sale of platform tickets, retiring rooms, waiting rooms, and battery-operated car services provided by Indian Railways from GST. This move is aimed at making train travel more affordable and convenient for passengers.

Intra-Railway Supplies: In addition to passenger services, intra-railway supplies will also be exempt from GST. This is expected to streamline operations and reduce costs within the railway sector.

Hostel Accommodation Exemption: The council also addressed the GST exemption for hostel accommodations. Previously, only hostels within educational institutions were exempt. Now, this exemption has been extended to hostels for students outside educational institutions, providing financial relief to students and their families.

Reducing Government Litigation

To reduce government litigations, the GST Council has set monetary limits for filing appeals by the tax department before various appellate authorities. According to Sitharaman, the limits are Rs 20 lakh for appeals at the GST Appellate Tribunal, Rs 1 crore for High Court appeals, and Rs 2 crore for Supreme Court appeals. This measure aims to minimize unnecessary legal proceedings and streamline the judicial process.

GST Rate Reduction for Carton Boxes

In response to long-standing demands from apple growers in hill states, the GST on all kinds of carton boxes has been reduced from 18% to 12%. This reduction will help both horticulturists and the industry save costs, providing much-needed financial relief and supporting the agricultural sector.


These announcements from the 53rd GST Council meeting underscore the government’s commitment to easing the financial burden on citizens and improving the efficiency of public services. By announcing GST exemptions for key railway services and addressing the needs of various sectors, the council aims to foster a more inclusive and supportive economic environment.

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