Indian Army’s support for women.

On March 8, as the world celebrated International Women’s Day, the Indian Army took a significant step forward in its commitment to empower women by announcing plans to establish two Army Girls Sports Companies at the Army Marksmanship Unit in Mhow (Dr. Ambedkar Nagar), Madhya Pradesh. This initiative not only marks a milestone in the Army’s efforts to promote gender equality but also reinforces its dedication to harnessing the potential of women in diverse fields.

The establishment of these Army Girls Sports Companies is a testament to the Indian Army’s unwavering commitment to the Nari Shakti campaign, which aims to empower women and recognize their invaluable contributions to society. These specialized units will offer formal education and rigorous training in various sports disciplines, including shooting, archery, athletics, boxing, and weightlifting.

By providing young girls from across India with access to world-class training facilities and expert coaching, the Army Girls Sports Companies will create avenues for talent development and skill enhancement. This initiative not only promotes physical fitness and sporting excellence but also instills discipline, leadership, and teamwork among the participants.


The establishment of these units underscores the Indian Army’s recognition of the transformative potential of sports in shaping the lives of young women. Through sports, girls are not only able to showcase their talent and athleticism but also gain confidence, resilience, and a sense of empowerment.

As the nation celebrates the achievements and contributions of women on International Women’s Day, the Indian Army’s initiative to establish Army Girls Sports Companies serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for young girls aspiring to excel in the field of sports. It reaffirms the Army’s commitment to creating a more inclusive and gender-equal society, where every individual has the opportunity to realize their full potential, regardless of gender.

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