Modi Unveils Gaganyaan Crew,

India’s Historic Leap to Space

In a momentous announcement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has revealed the names of the
four distinguished astronauts who will embark on India’s maiden manned mission into low-Earth
orbit aboard ISRO’s debut mission, Gaganyaan.

Hailing from the Indian Air Force and meticulously trained in Bengaluru, Group Captain
Prashanth Nair, Group Captain Angad Pratap, Group Captain Ajit Krishnan, and Wing
Commander Shubhanshu Shukla stand poised to etch their names in history with their
exceptional astronautical skills.

With unwavering dedication and rigorous training, these astronauts epitomize India’s
commitment to space exploration, representing the nation’s aspirations to push boundaries and
reach for the stars.

As they prepare to embark on this unprecedented journey, India’s space ambitions soar to new
heights, propelled by the remarkable expertise and courage of this stellar team.
The announcement of the astronaut crew marks a significant milestone in India’s space
program, signaling the country’s readiness to join the ranks of nations with manned spaceflight

With their expertise and determination, Group Captain Nair, Group Captain Pratap, Group Captain
Krishnan, and Wing Commander Shukla embody the spirit of exploration and innovation that
defines India’s space endeavors.

As the countdown to launch begins, the nation eagerly awaits the historic moment when these
intrepid astronauts will venture into the cosmos, carrying with them the hopes and dreams of a
nation united in its quest for knowledge and discovery.

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