Twin Village: Mystery Unveiled!

A Village Full of Twins; All You Need To Know About This Mysterious Place

It is constantly said that one has a doppelganger someplace on the planet,
yet there are a few spots in existence where for reasons unknown, having
twins is as normal as having a solitary child. The town of Kodinhi is one of
those mystical magical spots. Kodinhi, an unassuming community in the
Malappuram district of the southern Indian province of Kerala, has acquired
notoriety as of late for a strange explanation, it has a surprisingly big
number of twin births.

This town has in excess of 400 sets of twins, procuring it the moniker “Twin
Town”. The peculiarity of twin births in Kodinhi was first seen during the
1940s, however, it was only after the last part of the 1990s that the quantity
of twin births began to increase. As per occupants, the quantity of twins in
the town has been consistently expanding from that point forward. There
are numerous hypotheses about why Kodinhi has countless twins. Certain
individuals accept that it is because of the neighborhood diet, which is
wealthy in sweet potatoes and different food varieties that are said to build
the possibility of imagining twins. Others feel that it very well may be
connected with the elevated degrees of substance contamination in the

Kodinhi has turned into a famous objective for scientists who are keen on
concentrating on the peculiarity of twin births. A group of researchers from
the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) in Hyderabad, India,
have likewise been concentrating on the town’s twin populace. The
specialists have been gathering blood tests, spit, and hair tests from the
twins to concentrate on their DNA to more readily comprehend the
hereditary variables that add to a large number of twin births. Regardless of
the logical interest in the town’s twin populace, life in Kodinhi remains
generally unaffected. The town has embraced its standing as “Twin Town”
and commends its twin inhabitants with a yearly celebration. Twins from
everywhere India come to Kodinhi to take part in the celebration, which
highlights conventional moves, music, and food.

For individuals of Kodinhi, having a twin is viewed as a unique gift, and the
town invests wholeheartedly in its twin populace. While the purpose behind
the large number of twin births in the town stays a secret, the occupants of
Kodinhi keep on commending their exceptional status as a “Twin Town”

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