30% of India Creates YouTube

30% Of the Citizens In India’s ‘YouTube Village’ Create

A village nestled within the urban expanse of Raipur, India has risen to
prominence as a dynamic hub on YouTube, where approximately one-third
of its 3,000 inhabitants, numbering around 1,000 individuals, actively craft
and share videos on the platform, reaping financial benefits from their

Named Tulsi, this village finds its abode in the heart of the central Indian
state of Chhattisgarh. It has garnered the moniker of India’s “YouTube
Village” due to the remarkable surge of residents contributing content to the
video-sharing platform. Notably, this bustling community has fostered
nearly 40 distinct YouTube channels that originate from its confines. The
spectrum of participation is broad, spanning ages from a youthful
15-year-old to an esteemed 85-year-old grandmother. Significantly, a
prominent channel among them boasts an impressive subscriber base
exceeding 115,000.

The transformation catalyzed by this phenomenon is profound, with
numerous villagers dedicating themselves full-time to content creation. A
testament to its impact is reflected in the words of Jai Verma, a villager
turned YouTuber, who shared his journey. Holding an MSc degree in
Chemistry, Jai previously engaged as a part-time educator and operated a
coaching institute, yielding an income of Rs 12,000 to Rs 15,000 monthly.
With the advent of YouTube, their earnings have surged to a range of Rs
30,000 to Rs 35,000 per month, marking a remarkable transformation in
financial prospects.

Beyond economic empowerment, the surge of YouTube in the village has
had a profound societal influence, particularly in terms of gender roles.
Pinky Sahu, an artist within the community, emphasized that this
phenomenon has enabled the empowerment of women in Tulsi. She
articulated, “The participation here is widespread. Traditionally, women
were confined to their homes, but through our YouTube channel, we have
disseminated the message that girls too are capable of achieving
significant feats.”

The creative outpouring from the village is nothing short of remarkable. A
resident YouTuber elucidated, “Our content spans a wide spectrum,
encompassing comedic skits, music-centered productions, and even
competitive races. Virtually every kind of artistic expression finds
representation within our ranks.” Moreover, the villagers’ creative pursuits
extend beyond YouTube, with endeavors encompassing educational
content as well as entertainment offerings, extending their reach to
platforms like Instagram, where they assemble engaging reels.
In essence, the unassuming village of Tulsi has embarked on an
extraordinary journey, evolving into a vibrant YouTube epicenter within the
bustling city of Raipur. Through creative expression and entrepreneurial
spirit, its residents have not only secured enhanced economic prospects
but also dismantled traditional barriers, championing the potential of
women and demonstrating the transformative power of digital platforms

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