‘The Touch of Ami’ ring enters the Guinness World Record

The ring “Touch of Ami” previously had 12,638 diamonds. After the retouch, it has a whopping 24, 679 diamonds.

‘The Touch of Ami’ ring in Kerala enter the Guinness World Record

The Touch of Ami ring, manufactured in Kerala’s Malappuram district, has shattered the Guinness World Record for most diamonds studded in a ring. The ring weighs 344 grams and is priced at around Rs 80 lakh. The ring has been made by SWA Diamonds, one of the leading ornament makers in India. Ms. Rijisha TV, a postgraduate in lifestyle accessory design from the National Institute of Design, has designed the ring. Impressed by her ring, SWA Diamonds gave her a gift on a platter – the post of the chief diamond designer. Rijisha is perhaps the first woman to occupy a top post in jewellery design in the state. It took her 90 days to put thousands of diamonds in the ring.

After completion, the ring was evaluated by a team of experts from the International Gemmological Institute Lab. They ensured its quality, post which officials confirmed the clarity, carat, weight, cut type, and the type of diamonds used.

Inspiration behind the name

The word ‘Ami’ means immortality in Sanskrit. The ring’s design was inspired by the pink oyster mushroom. Mushrooms were earlier only used by the royalties, who believed mushrooms were the key to immortality due to their medicinal properties. Hence the representations come as royalty, immortality, and longevity. This story led to the ring’s name, “The touch of Ami”. The concept of the name is that the ring wishes a touch of immortality to the wearer. It previously had 12,638 diamonds. After the retouch, it has a whopping 24, 679 diamonds.

This standout diamond ring has not only received recognition from the Guinness World Records but also from the Asian Book of Records for its design.

SWA officials are immensely proud of the fact that this feat was achieved in Kerala, a place with a sizeable number of diamond and gold consumers, but with very less jewellery manufacturing units.

SWA Diamonds is a brand owned by Capestone, one of South India’s largest manufacturers of gold, diamond, and platinum ornaments based out of Malappuram Inkel Educity, Kerala.

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