International Yoga Day 2024: PM Modi Highlights the Rise of a Global Yoga Economy

International Yoga Day 2024: A New Yoga Economy Emerges

International Yoga Day

On June 21, Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in the 10th International Day of Yoga in Srinagar, setting a milestone in the serene surroundings of the Sher-i-Kashmir International Conference Centre (SKICC). During this International Yoga Day event, PM Modi emphasized the profound impact yoga has had globally over the past decade, highlighting the theme ‘Yoga for Self and Society,’ which underscores yoga’s dual role in enhancing personal and societal well-being.

International Yoga Day

Reflecting on the journey of International Yoga Day, PM Modi shared how India’s proposal to celebrate this day at the United Nations received unprecedented support from 177 countries—a record-breaking endorsement. He reminisced about the first celebration in 2015 on Kartavya Path in Delhi, where 35,000 individuals performed Yoga Asanas together, setting the stage for a global movement.

The Prime Minister then elaborated on the emergence of a new “Yoga economy.” Over the last ten years, yoga has not only transformed perceptions but also spurred economic growth. From Rishikesh and Kashi to Kerala, a new trend of Yoga Tourism has emerged. This has significantly boosted sectors like hospitality, tourism, and apparel, creating numerous employment opportunities for the youth. The picturesque landscapes of India, coupled with the ancient practice of yoga, are now major attractions for tourists worldwide.

Moreover, PM Modi highlighted the global journey of yoga, mentioning the establishment of the Yoga Certification Board by India’s AYUSH department. This board has certified over 100 major institutions in India and 10 internationally, ensuring high standards and uniformity in yoga practice. Last year’s Yoga Day celebration at the UN headquarters in the US, with participants from over 130 nations, exemplified yoga’s universal appeal.

International Yoga Day

In his address, PM Modi also pointed out that the growing interest in yoga presents a significant opportunity to boost tourism in Jammu and Kashmir. The union territory’s breathtaking beauty combined with a newfound enthusiasm for yoga can invigorate tourism, benefiting local economies.

The Prime Minister concluded by expressing his hopes for the continued global spread of yoga. He believes that as more people embrace yoga, its benefits will not only enhance individual health and well-being but also contribute to societal harmony and economic growth. The widespread adoption of yoga has the potential to bridge cultural divides, promote understanding, and foster a sense of global unity.

As we celebrate International Yoga Day 2024, the world is indeed witnessing a new Yoga economy—a testament to yoga’s enduring power and its role in fostering global harmony and economic growth. This new era marks a significant shift in how yoga is perceived and practised, opening up countless possibilities for both individuals and communities around the world.

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